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Here are a few testimonials from clients I've worked with over the years.  

Testimonials come from emails, cards, text messages, phone conversations and latterly, from our new format on the website which enables you to write the testimonial you want others to see.

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NLP Changed How I Live My Life!

I decided I needed a coach and wanted to look outside my profession to someone with NLP training. I'd studied NLP in university and knew the potential for positive change.

I work in a field that deals with mindset, limiting beliefs, family background and values and more. I am completely familiar with coaching and therapy and of course have ongoing supervision.

I still didn't really know what to expect until we met and from the very first session I was hooked!

At a time in my life where things had felt a little out of my control, Leah helped me to see what I was thinking about the situations and people, were where the real problems were.

I felt I regained control of my own mind and as a result, I began to change my communications with everyone.

As a professional in the field of mental health, to discover how these techniques can and have changed my own life, has boosted my desire to train in the area myself. I have changed the way I speak to my clients, my family and even my colleagues. I will never go back to 'unconscious' communications and value every session we have!

Leah is very up front but also very kind and compassionate. You know even when she's challenging something you do or say, she does so with care and a genuine desire to help you become a better person who in her words 'leads to an enhanced life!'

Hypnotherapy Gave Me Back Myself!

It seemed like I'd been depressed and generally anxious since I was a teenager. I'd been on and off anti depressants but they only seemed to make me feel worse.

I began to accept it was just who I was and how life would be. Then my friend Helen told me about Leah. She said it was worth getting in touch, try one session and see what happens.

Leah's easy manner helped me relax and I instantly knew I would be coming back. She doesn't just help you deal with beliefs and mindset issues, but teaches life tools that I'm still using today.

I even taught the same friend a technique that helped her overcome a fear of speaking in our meetings - go me!

I feel our sessions lead me back to the person that was who I'm meant to be. I'm so much stronger, more confident, happier and more successful in every way!

Thankyou Leah, from the bottom of my heart!

I Only Wish I'd Found You Sooner ...

I contacted Leah to get some help with an annoying wasp phobia. I found it embarrassing enough to make that a priority.

I found Leah's demeanour and calm confident attitude very comforting. As we resolved the phobia quite easily, I felt comfortable sharing a issue I'd had for what seemed for ever.

I lived my entire life believing that there was something wrong with me. I knew I had PTSD but no treatments the doctor offer had worked.

What in total took only a few hours of time to resolve, had plagued me in almost every day of my life, is still astonishing. My only regret is that I hadn't found Leah sooner and some frustration that my doctor had never suggested these techniques that work.

I never expected my visit for something as silly in comparison, would lead to a complete cure of the lifetime of PTSD symptoms I've suffered. My whole family thank you!

Leah is a wizard. She is the key to freedom on all levels from things that stand in people's way!

I came to Leah with a lifelong phobia of animals, especially dogs that I have tried my entire life to get over, to no avail. I was coming over to the UK for a month and staying in a home with 3 dogs, so I knew the time had come!

I was blown away but her thoughtful and brilliant responses to posts I'd seen on Facebook and as a mindset coach myself, I knew I needed someone trained in things I do not know about so I couldn't wiggle out of being the client this time!

Leah is a wizard. I am a stubborn one to help and honestly had little faith this was 'fixable' as I had tried so many modalities for years before. Not only did she help cure me of my dog phobia and turn me into a dog lover but we uncovered so many other connections that she flawlessly helped me work on simultaneously.

Things that surprised me? Everything! Her intuition, her ability to work around resistance and fear, her bespoke methods, her insatiable love of both learning and service literally blew me away.

I will never as long as I live, forget the moment I sat comfortable surrounded by 3 dogs feeling free and unstoppable because Leah showed me if I can overcome what I thought was part of my identity - there is literally nothing I cannot do.

I have referred others and will continue to do! I trust her with people closest to me who I cannot help and she has already changed their lives even more than mine.

I very much plan on returning for further sessions as I feel Leah is the key to freedom on all levels from things that stand in people's way.

As a result of the sessions, I feel stronger, more capable, more flexible, more empowered.

It takes a lot for me to trust someone and to believe change can come when I've done so much work on my own. Leah is beyond words incredible and I recommend from the rooftops - she's stuck with me for life!

Shari T Teigman Mindset Coach & Creative Business Strategist

At Last I Feel Whole!

I'd spent my life riding horses, being fit and focused mentally. As a Jockey that's how you become and stay, successful.

I'd left that life behind, started my own business but felt stagnant. Whilst I didn't really know if I wanted a therapist or a coach - I was delighted to find Leah had the skills to facilitate change.

And change was what I needed!

From our very first meeting I felt relaxed and in safe hands. I love that Leah isn't one of those stuffy therapists who won't share anything about themselves, she's open and will answer any question. For me that made me feel I could trust her and she had my best interests at heart.

We worked together in Autumn to Winter as I opted to have sessions weekly for as long as I need to share my life experience, reflect and develop myself.

I've never been a particularly introspective person but I am so glad I took time out to seek this kind of enlightenment. Whilst Leah doesn't 'sell' enlightenment - it is certainly what I gained. And so much more!

Transformation From Lonely & Depressed to Confident, Happy & Sober!

My main problem was alcohol. I was dealing with that via an online support group. This was what introduced me to Leah. I was also suffering with depression thoughts and feelings aswell as negative beliefs about who I was and how to get my life back on track.

I worked with Leah to change the way I was thinking and learned simple tools that I still use today. Mindfulness, meditation and gratitude.

Leah was recommended to me because I was suffering with limiting beliefs and depressive thoughts. She had worked with some amazing people and came highly recommended.

The sessions were amazing. Started with getting to know me inside and out. Starting with when my drinking started. Why it started. Also why my beliefs were so negative. Leah worked with me getting me to create vision boards. Gratitude journals. Daily Meditation. Self love.

I was surprised how quickly things started to change for me following the sessions. I started feeling so much better about myself within days.

The gratitude journals were a defining moment. Writing out my thoughts daily knowing that I had so much to be grateful for and my life wasn’t so depressive.

I’d highly recommend Leah. Her personal attitude towards me was one thing that warmed me to her.

I wouldn’t hesitate going back to Leah if I needed a boost or was ever in a dark place again.

Biggest outcome was my limiting beliefs around relationships in my personal life. I was struggling as I was lonely and treated women with disrespect because of past relationships where I’d been hurt. I’m now in a loving relationship. I believe in myself more than ever. My vision board has things on I never thought I’d ever get. Well, I got most of what’s on the board.

Please if your looking for an in depth session personalised to yourself. I guarantee Leah with be the answer to your questions. She was mine.

The Sober Yorkshireman Karl Elliott

No more OCD for me, the children or my husband!

I'm so grateful to you today! It's the first day I've been confronted by a full blown sickness bug since you treated me. I have even thought today that actually it would be easier to get my own dose of it over and done with... WHO AM I?! WOW... I think you must have actual magical powers! You treated me absolutely ages ago! I can now look after my children with confidence!

From Stress Reduction To Becoming Pregnant ... With Twins!

My consultant recommended I book sessions to deal with my stress levels. He suggested that stress prohibits successful pregnancy and as this was now my third round of Fertility treatment - each costing many thousands, a few sessions to reduce stress seemed an easy adjunct.

Little did I know that what Leah would do, is help me get to the core of why I hadn't become pregnant before. In our first meeting she asked me a simple question ... I was dumbstruck yet suddenly knew that something (in me!) was highly incongruent!

Each session we worked through the beliefs I had about motherhood, pregnancy and birth. Each session I let go of historical anxieties and developed a greater confidence in becoming pregnant.

I am unbelievably thrilled to confirm that my pregnancy is not just one baby but two!

(Mrs F went on to deliver a beautiful baby boy and girl!)

I couldn't leave the house! At 19 I was stuck indoors, I stopped eating and had no life! Then I met Leah ...

I was suffering with severe IBS and anxiety. It got so bad I couldn't eat and if I did, my body just rejected the food immediately! I'd lost weight, looked awful and my family were desperately worried about me.

I just stopped going out, stopped wanting to socialise and stopped wanting to even live. My doctor couldn't help me but suggested that Hypnotherapy might.

I first learned about Leah through the articles she was publishing and saw one about anxiety. From the first conversation (over the phone), I knew Leah was easy to talk to and just seemed to understand. I couldn't believe it but after the first session I knew things were going to be better. Immediately I felt more in control and confident.

I'd never hesitate to go back to Leah if I ever need any help with a problem in my life again. My life has completely changed.

I can go where I please, I am calm and comfortable in my own skin again. I can eat food and have put on the weight I lost. I feel amazing and so confident now.

Leah is the kindest and easiest person to talk to. She just get's people and understands what they need to feel different. I am so grateful I found her when I did. Thankyou again Leah xx

John F. (Psy.D) Psychologist
Sarah Ferguson Broker
John C Entrepreneur
Shari D Teigman Mindset Coach and Creative Business Strategist
Tom Business Owner/ Previously Jockey
The Sober Yorkshireman Karl Elliott Lorry Driver
Kaitlyn Mother
Mrs F. Delighted Mother
Sarah G. Secretarial Assistant

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