Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy & NLP London. Hypnotherapist Leah Butler-Smith

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy & NLP London

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy with NLP In London & Online

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is one of our most popular programs at my Hypnotherapy & NLP Practice in London.

In more than 20 years I have happily helped our clients achieve their desired changes to habits and addictive behaviours.

Increase your success by 98% when you choose mindset changes including Hypnotherapy, NLP to Stop Smoking the easiest way ...

What Are The Biggest Concerns Clients Have With Smoking & Stopping Smoking?

Over many years I've worked with hundreds of people who wanted to stop smoking but found they hit a mental block.  It's not uncommon for clients to finally arrive at my practice after attempting to stop smoking and failing up to six times!

  • many clients express frustration over the control the habit appears to have
  • there's a common feeling of wanting to avoid the smells, breath issues and clothes suffering clinging odour associated with smoking
  • fear of failing (often ... again) overrides the decision to even start the process of stopping smoking
  • believing that stress will win out or the client will suffer anger, frustration and overwhelm when not smoking
  • not knowing what they will do with their hands
  • believing they will gain weight or adopt another unhealthy habit as replacement
  • losing the social element (though a little less impactful nowadays it can still represent a 'break')
  • stopping smoking with nicotine replacements is only marginally more effective than 'will power' methods - 90+% of people return to the habit
  • only 4-7% of the population will succeed in stopping smoking without additional mindset support/change

With my clients, I primarily deal with beliefs in the Harley Street London practice, I know that beliefs are just thoughts you have had a lot.

Together we look at how those beliefs impact your behaviours and target them for 'collapse'.  But that's just one part of the overall process to help you stop smoking successfully.



FACT:  I stopped smoking with the help of a Hypnotherapist and that's why I'm so happy to work with those who have the same desire.

Many Hypnotherapists steer away from stop smoking sessions because they either smoke or don't value their skills.

What 20+ years plus my own personal experience taught me:

We will explore all your motivations and any resistances and it's important to point out that I will only work with clients who want to stop smoking.   It is not purposeful, no matter how well meaning, for a family member or partner to book and arrange for your session. You are the one who needs to WANT to stop smoking and whilst you will want reassurances that this process alleviates many concerns and confirmation that I have a very high track record for success ~ Before I agree to work with you to stop smoking we will first discuss what your current motivations and concerns are before any investment is accepted or session confirmed.

Because ~ when you are open to the changes and motivated by the vision of you as a happy, confident, non smoker ... change comes really easily!

What Is Different About Our Program to Stop Smoking?

Over 20+ years I've been adjusting my strategy based on feedback and the new tools and techniques I've added to my Practice.

I have studied addictions, habits, the impact of smoking on the brain and body plus neuroscience and microbiology for this activity.

I've helped literally hundreds of people to become happy non smokers and am always mindful to incorporate the 'new goals' in when we work together.

By merging powerful NLP techniques with a few techniques we cover during the stop smoking session (extended) for stress managing and other concerns, we bring it all together with Hypnotherapy in the final part.

My clients often report feeling that 'something' is different but having lost the desire or compulsion to jump to a cigarette on leaving.

It is important that we cover every potential hurdle and that I know you are 100% ready to become a non smoker.

You will be given a file containing a reminder of the helpful techniques to continue managing your states, keep cravings at bay, plus a hypnosis recording to keep you on track for long term success!

Benefits of our specific Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy/ NLP Program

  • As lead practitioner I stopped smoking myself with Hypnotherapy in the late 90s and I am delighted to tell you I've never missed it since and as I know exactly why that is the case, it's part of my program today!
  • As senior Hypnotherapist, being an ex smoker, ensures you can be confident I totally understands your desires, I empathise with any resistances and I understand well what the goal of being a non smoker really means.
  • Hypnosis is shown in studies to enhance  your motivation to stop smoking and importantly, stay stopped
  • When you choose Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking, this will enable significant changes to your perception of the habit and what was once considered a benefit.
  • At Enhanced Life Practice, I help you decide that you are ready, giving guidance based on answers to a few key questions, we can assess your 'readiness' and recommend your next most successful steps.  
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    If I have any doubt about your motivation, I will recommend an alternative session to evaluate your readiness and explore resistance ~ otherwise, if you have a clear vision in your mind for what you are looking forward to as a non smoker, in thats case you are ready to book your stop smoking session right away!
  • I'm a senior Hypnotherapist and also an NLP Trainer.  So my program contains a number of NLP techniques to further embed the unconscious mindset changes, plus allow for simple yet effective techniques to continue supporting you after the session.
  • With an understanding that all behaviours have a positive intent, regardless of negative social or physical effects, we explore what those are for you, to ensure there are no remaining hidden saboteur elements.
  • Hypnotherapy combined with other techniques is still considered the most effective way to achieve permanent change to habits and addictions.

Being a non smoker is about Freedom from the habit & all that entails ...

Hypnotherapy & NLP To Stop Smoking Successfully

When you book your session, we will first discuss how you see yourself in the habit and what your biggest concerns about stopping smoking are.  You can ask as many questions are you like before we meet for your stop smoking session.  You are welcome to query why our process works over other less effective treatments.

Hypnotherapy and NLP have both been effective tools when it comes to guiding clients into a new frame of mindset, confidence that you will and you can maintain your new version of yourself as a 'non smoker'.

Stop Smoking with
Hypnosis & NLP

Join hundreds of healthier satisfied stop smoking clients at the Enhanced Life Practice!

You Can Book Your Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions Now! 

At the Enhanced Life Practice, I adopt a mindset of doing what is right for you.  

You can sign up today and take advantage of the free hypnosis recording plus we'll then schedule your consultation where we establish your motivation and big goals for the future as a  non-smoker.

You can contact me now, ask any questions about my experiences how I can help you to begin enhancing your life as a natural non smoker - today!

I will happily guarantee satisfaction in my training, experiences, knowledge and continued professional development.  Whilst guaranteeing your success would mean I'd have to be Hermoine Granger  ??? .... and whilst I cannot claim wizardry as one of my abilities, I am super happy to guarantee 100% skill, effort and determination to work with you to succeed!  For that reason I offer a full backup session PLUS stop smoking hypnosis recording with your investment!

Hypnosis & NLP for Stop Smoking in London & Online

My Advanced Training & Long Term Experiences using Hypnosis, NLP & other proven techniques have ensured many hundreds of client get to fulfill their dream of being a non smoker: healthier, more energised, more content and stress free!

My smoker friends couldn't believe I was standing with them ... NOT smoking!

"I honestly think you're a mind reader Leah.  You just knew that losing my 'breaks' at work was my biggest obstacle so when you gave me the tools to continue spending time with good friends at work - it was the difference that made the difference!"

Gary G.

Exec Banker

*At Enhanced Life Practice, we adhere to strict protocols and ethics.  In accordance with our value system we ask our new clients to note that outcomes of sessions cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Results are likely to vary as no two people's lives, beliefs and unconscious responses are the same.