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Public Speaking Hypnotherapy & NLP

Public Speaking Hypnotherapy with NLP In London & Online

Public Speaking Hypnotherapy when combined with NLP techniques is incredibly successful in reducing the anxiety and building super new confident states that you can manage easily. 

As an NLP Trainer, I chose to attend all levels of training in part, to teach others but also to overcome my own anxiety and fear of public speaking.

I've gone on to appear on Television including BBC, ITV, C5 & Sky plus a live interview with the BBC on Radio.

I've been able to present at seminars packed with medium to large audiences, deliver trainings to management teams, teachers, doctors and sales people.

Adding advanced training in NLP was one of the best decisions I ever made - to overcome my fear of speaking in public has changed my life.

From wallflower to Trainer & Speaker!

How Does The Fear Of Public Speaking Impact?

To Speak in Public or not to speak in public...

Whilst no two people are the same there are many similarities in the experiences clients report to me.

  • avoidance of speaking in meetings
  • making career choices based on avoiding presenting
  • poor sleep in advance of any date when speaking in public is required
  • avoiding situations when being called out to speak in public might occur
  • freezing when beginning to speak
  • shaking and blushing
  • excessive sweating
  • nausea and vomiting
  • losing the ability to speak

Research studies have shown that adding 'hypnosis' to any practice for reducing public speaking anxiety makes it immediately more effective.

Most clients report not really knowing the root cause but being aware of an incident after which the symptoms worsened. 

Just the thought of standing up and speaking or presenting can trigger severe panic.

If you've found yourself in a position where you know you could and would make different life enhancing  decisions if only you had more confidence in speaking, then my program is for you.

Most companies today expect employees to present to each other even if only by department.

So when you can confidently stand up and speak, you will put yourself forward and stand out!

To speak or not to speak ... hypnotherapy & NLP provide the answer!

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There are two very important elements that make speaking in public effective.

Firstly it's essential to know what you will say and have a sound knowledge of the topic.  So planning and preparation are vital.

Secondly, it's all down the state you present.  Confidence is visible through your body language, verbally in how you project your voice, the tonality of your words, and your ability to move about whilst speaking.

When you can speak confidently - many opportunities open up!

Public Speaking Hypnotherapy & NLP Benefits

  • Increased motivation to stand up and speak in public forums
  • Improved presenting skills
  • Advances in your career
  • Become a leader  persuade with confidence
  • check
    State management is a secondary gain to avoid and manage all stressful situations
  • check
    Communicate effectively even in stressful situations
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    Just 2-4 sessions will re-set your mind around speaking in public
  • check
    Confident communication skills in interview situation
  • check
    Take away techniques and skills to use in all other areas of life where positive effective communication counts

Who is affected by public speaking anxiety?

Many of my clients have gone on to surprise themselves and most report that they not only found confidence but actually began to really enjoy speaking!

I've worked with:

  • business owners who improved their ability to make important presentations to potential clients.
  • sales staff who improve their selling stats
  • best men and father's of the bride who find themselves able to confidently enjoy one of the most important days
  • CEOs who want to enhance their presenting skills
  • television presenters who want to eradicate creeping anxiety
  • university students who must make a presentation as part of their degree
  • lawyers and Barristers who want to reduce courtroom anxiety


It comes as a wonderful surprise to my clients to realise that once they've re-set their experience around speaking, they not only become more effective, but they actually learn to really enjoy public speaking! 

You Can Book Your Public Speaking Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions Today! 

At the Enhanced Life Practice, I've overcome my own past anxieties over public speaking and fulfilled a number of long term ambitions. 

When we work together I'll use a mix of Advanced Hypnotherapy, Timeline work, NLP and other advanced techniques. 

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Public Speaking Hypnotherapy & NLP in London & Online

With Advanced Hypnotherapy & 20 years of experience, I've helped many people overcome their fear of public speaking.

I got the promotion!

"Leah helped me overcome my anxiety of presenting which had developed into panic attacks before I finally made the call.  I used the same confidence techniques to go for a promotion & I got the job!" *

Cara J.
Senior Manager

*At Enhanced Life Practice, we adhere to strict protocols and ethics.  In accordance with our value system we ask our new clients to note that outcomes of sessions cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Results are likely to vary as no two people's lives, beliefs and unconscious responses are the same.

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