Hypnotherapy London - What is Hypnotherapy & How Can This Help You

What is Hypnotherapy?

An Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool that uses Hypnosis as a way to bypass the conscious mind and access the unconscious directly.

We use our conscious mind to assess our situation, environment, experience and effectively, make our judgements based on those.

Much of what supports our conscious 'thinking' is based on the beliefs we have accumulated since birth (and before if you study Epigenetics).

We can have a conscious desire, wish, dream or goal and our unconscious can disagree with that in some way, in just one element - and it will override all actions that would move us towards what we want.

Hypnosis is a Natural State

When Leah's first Hypnotherapy practice opened, Hypnosis was still debated and in some cases considered a phenomena that only 'some' people can access. There were once many strange myths about this advanced method of therapy.

Things people will say include;

  • you can't hypnotise me, my mind is too strong
  • I don't know if can relax enough to go into trance
  • I don't think I'm a good subject
  • my willpower is too strong
  • I'm afraid I'll lose control
  • I'm afraid you can access my mind

In fact - the stronger your will, the more easily you can achieve trance.

The more you desire the changes, the quicker you'll allow trance.

The more willpower you have, the easier it is for you to choose your 'state'.

You don't 'lose' control - you actually GAIN control! 

No-one can be 'hypnotised' if they choose not to be and if any suggestions were made by the Practitioner, that did not fit with their moral and ethical code - they'd instantly snap out of hypnosis or reject the suggestion.

Trance State accessed by choice...

Trance state is a natural state that we enter every day, many times.

When you fully focus and concentrate on just one thing - you are entering trance.

When you are driving on the same route you've driven many times before, your unconscious activates your 'auto pilot' so you can then use the energy in your brain to 'think' internally.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

The benefits of Hypnotherapy are immense.  Here's some worth mentioning:

  • By allowing the conscious mind to take a back seat, you enable access to the deeper mind, the unconscious and in doing so you bypass the critical function.
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    Hypnosis allows for more exploration without relying on our conscious enquiry.
  • Hypnotic Suggestions are now proven to impact directly on the deep mind and help to reprogram unconscious beliefs and memories.
  • Hypnosis with scripts is something that only novice therapists will do - otherwise your Practitioner will use everything you've spoken about and tailor your session to you and the outcomes your desire.
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    By revisiting historical memories (in the right way) it's possible to literally 'edit' the content and create memories that serve you in a positive way in your future.
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    There are many strategies (techniques) used within the Hypnosis model.  The more training and experience your Practitioner has, the better your therapy sessions will be.
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    Hypnotherapy can allow for removal of old traumas and dissolve limiting beliefs.
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    Advanced Hypnotherapy is a training level that follows the basic training and not all therapist have continued their studies.  At Enhanced Life, Leah is a Senior Hypnotherapist with Advanced Hypnotherapy Training & qualifications.
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    Trance is a natural state but it is not sleep. You will remain aware during the session and in complete control.

Powerful Changes

As a Senior Advanced Trained Hypnotherapist, you can be assured you are in safe hands.

At Enhanced Life Practice, Hypnosis is a big part of our work, both conscious and unconsciously..

How Does Hypnosis Work?  

Hypnotherapy works because our mind has activity levels known as 'brain wave' states.  When the brain is very active, we have many things going on and many assumptions being made.

To fully focus and make significant and lasting changes, we need to reduce the activity level and bring about Trance state.


Beta brain waves are the level of brain activity related to 'conscious thinking'.  It's the state of activity where we critically evaluate, consider outcomes and determine our next steps or reactions.


Alpha brain state is the one we associate with focused attention.  Sometimes we refer to Hypnosis as 'fully focused attention'.

So whilst Alpha brain wave activity is not normally associated with Trance, it is the step just before and as focused thought is necessary for effective change - we consider this to be a viable state for change.


Theta brain wave activity is considered Trance.  It is the slowing down of energy and activity in the brain and is most closely associated with sleep.

You do not go to sleep in a hypnotherapy session, rather you can feel as if you've enjoyed a restful sleep simply because the body is able to shut down it's other functions and allow 'rest' to be it's foremost experience.


Delta brain wave activity is considered to be deep Trance.  It's the same state we experience during our night sleep where our brain is slowed to a quiet energy and the processes that are required for 'health' and 'wellbeing' take place.

It is true that if we don't experience sufficient Delta activity, we are unable to process our experiences of the day, and therefore cannot make memories.



This delayed interruption to the memory 'process' is at the root of PTSD.  

The PTSD sufferer is unable to run the processes in order to facilitate memory creation so the experiences remain as surface memories, and continue to activate the Amygdala (alert system for the body/mind). 

Understanding the relevance of brain waves and physiological states, is vital to enable change.  At Enhanced Life Practice we study Neuroscience data and findings in order to improve our techniques and develop methods for lasting positive change.

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