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Hypnotherapy & NLP Online

Hypnotherapy NLP Online - using modern face to face software!

Hypnotherapy NLP Online is one of the fastest growing ways for people to connect with therapists all over the world.  

It now couldn't be simpler to benefit from Hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home or private office.

With over 20 years experience as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, I've worked with clients from all over the world.  Just a few places that spring to mind include; Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece, Spain and Jamaica.

Therapy online is the fastest growing way to treat all manner of mental ailments PLUS is already very popular for Coaching & Mindset Improvements!

Working With Hypnotherapy NLP Online Couldn't Be Easier


When we take the Enhanced Life Practice online, you'll get to work with me directly, face to face in a replica situation of how we'd work together in person.  Hypnotherapy NLP online work so well.

We don't avoid any of the techniques because every single one I'm trained and experienced in using ~ works well in the online way (with a few edits and tweaks to account for the potential for a drop off in connection)

Hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT, & Professional Coaching Online

This is a screenshot of the software application as it will appear on your own desktop before we both enter the private online room. 

It really is extremely simple to use and is a completely free application.

I'll guide you step by step through everything you need to know and do prior to our session.


When you get in touch, I'll send you a link to our online calendar.  That allows for timezone differences to be calculated automatically plus sets reminder emails to come out when you need them.

You'll get a special link to our private session (using Zoom), we lock the session once we're both settled and that makes our work together, just as private as if we were working in he same room.

Simple Steps to book your online sessions ...

  • Get in touch using the online form to express your interest in the online sessions.
  • I'll reply to your initial message and provide links to the online booking system that includes; digital calendar plus the online software you'll download (for free).
  • We'll schedule your initial consultation where you can ask me anything about Hypnotherapy NLP online, we can assess your current status, your goals and determine the best program to elicit the results you want.
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    I'll then send you the new link for the 'full session' calendar plus your specific program information including payment information, your program meditation/ hypnosis or affirmations recording plus anything else we've discussed in the consultation.
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    The calendar will automatically update to your timezone and is set to send out automated reminders with the online private session room link.
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    As soon as your investment is paid, your sessions are secure.  From there on, it's all about meeting (usually weekly) at the times you've secured for your sessions.

Your Professional Hypnotherapist NLP Online Practitioner has 20+ Years Experience!

As a Senior Hypnotherapist, you can be confident I have a long history of helping people in achieving their professional goals plus personal development.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are incredibly effective tools to bring about positive change, enhancing life, building confidence, habit resolution and ultimately creating the life you desire.

When working online, there are a few specific protocols to follow to ensure we remain connected even if we become temporarily disconnected online.

When you sign up for my regular newsletter, you will also receive a complimentary Deep Sleep Hypnosis, recording in the first email. This is in addition to the Hypnosis or Meditation recording that you will choose when you are ready to schedule your sessions. The program recording is designed to compliment & add to your 1:1 sessions.

You Can Book Your Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions Online Today! 

I will be using a mix of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP online and other advanced techniques.  

You will enjoy many benefits when you arrange your initial consultation, which is totally free and includes the benefit of an optional free hypnosis recording to download today.

When you meet me now you'll get to know how I work, what my experiences are and how I can help you to begin enhancing your life - today!

Enjoy Up To £150+ In Benefits!

  • FREE Consultation value £50 (can be added to your first session up to 90 mins!)
  • FREE Hypnosis Recording:  Your £17 Guided Relaxation Sleep Hypnosis
  • New Client Offer - get multiple discounts % off Your Sessions!
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    CHOOSE YOUR £30 Meditation or Hypnosis Recording:  Compliment Your Sessions!

Hypnotherapist NLP Online Reviews

Over many years I've collected feedback and reviews of my Hypnotherapy NLP online practices and the positive outcomes my clients have enjoyed.  I've worked with clients from hotel rooms, their offices, open offices (not advised for some techniques), parks, bedrooms, home offices and the even the lounge.  Here's an example of one I hadn't expected.

I found myself in the park ...

"I needed quiet and space between me and the place where my biggest problems were.  You made me comfortable immediately!  I never would have guessed I could be sat on a bench changing my whole life!  And change it has ... thankyou Leah!"

Lianne  - Entrepreneur

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*At Enhanced Life Practice, we adhere to strict protocols and ethics.  In accordance with our value system we ask our new clients to note that outcomes of sessions cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Results are likely to vary as no two people's lives, beliefs and unconscious responses are the same.