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Hypnotherapy London FAQ

Hypnotherapy & NLP - your questions answered

If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact me at your earliest convenience for a no obligation chat.

Meantime I've added a series of FAQs based on common questions I'm asked.

20+ years experience helping people enhance their lives - I learned a lot!

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Is Hypnosis Safe?

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Will I Remember Everything When I'm Hypnotised?

What Is The Difference Between The Conscious & Unconscious Mind?

What Is NLP & How Will This Feature In My Sessions?

How Will I know Which Technique / Therapy To Choose?

What Is The Pricing For Hypnotherapy London?

How Many Hypnotherapy Sessions Will I Need?

What If I Don't Really Want The Change?

How Do Hypnotherapists Work?

What Is A Clinical Hypnotherapist?

How Does EMDR Work?

How Do I Book My Hypnotherapy or NLP Sessions in London?

Do You Offer A Free Consultation For Hypnotherapy in London?

What If I Need To Cancel My Session?

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For My Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions?

Can I Bring Someone With Me?

Can I Go On Holiday During Our Sessions?

Can We Have Some Sessions Online?

When you sign up for my regular newsletter, you will also receive a complimentary Deep Sleep Hypnosis, recording in the first email. This is in addition to the Hypnosis or Meditation recording that you will choose when you are ready to schedule your sessions. The program recording is designed to compliment & add to your 1:1 sessions.

You Can Get In Touch With Your Questions Today! 

I am happy to answer any questions you have via email or a brief call before we schedule your free consultation.

Remember, you can add that element to your first paid session to increase the time we spend together.

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Hypnotherapy & NLP in London Reviews

Gareth was determined to complete the Marathon in aid of Mental Health charities.  An injury nearly stopped him.  After checking there was no risk to his knee, we had just one session to set up the programming for controlling pain and inducing rapid healing ...

Pain nearly stopped me!

"The doctor said I needed six weeks off my feet to recover.  The pain was constant but my goal of running the marathon lead to me Leah.  One session embedded the pain control in my mind & I ran my best time!"

Gareth - Health Retreat Owner

*At Enhanced Life Practice, we adhere to strict protocols and ethics.  In accordance with our value system we ask our new clients to note that outcomes of sessions cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Results are likely to vary as no two people's lives, beliefs and unconscious responses are the same.

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