EMDR London - What is Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing?

What is EMDR?

An Introduction to EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

EMDR is frequently used to treat PTSD.  In fact the NHS confidently incorporates this Psychosensory technique in it's offerings though finding an appointment is still a challenge.

The 20 plus years of evidence based research have shown it to be one of the more effective treatments for Post Traumatic Stress symptoms.

It is also often used to treat Panic Disorders and has been found to effectively treat more common mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, phobias, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

Like Havening, EMDR is a branch of study that is backed by Neuroscience.

With the advancement of brain imaging and other techniques to understand the bio chemical changes that occur within the brain, it is even easier to confirm it's efficacy. 

What is EMDR?

A client is asked to recall the traumatic memory or limiting belief whilst the experienced therapist then gives instructions to follow eye movements laterally.

There are other elements that therapists will incorporate into the session, each designed to change the brain activity whilst recalling the memory.

Multiple Studies Prove The Positive Impact of EMDR 

There have been more than 30 very positive controlled outcome studies on EMDR as a therapy.  A number of those studies show a 84-90% of trauma victims no longer have post traumatic stress symptoms after just a few extended sessions.

The trauma victims had only one major trauma to deal with so other clients may require further sessions to deal with related traumas.

Accepted As Significantly Effective By Global Organisations

Due to the large number of studies, EMDR is accepted by many organisations.  The NHS in the UK, Psychiatric Profession UK, American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization and the Department of Defense.

A study saw 100% of single-trauma victims and 77% of multiple trauma victims no longer were diagnosed with PTSD after only six 50-minute sessions.  This study was funded by the HMO Kaiser Permanente, 

In another study, 77% of combat veterans were free of PTSD in 12 sessions.

The studies are just a nutshell of those conducted as an ongoing research into psychosensory techniques for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders.

The Benefits of EMDR

The benefits of EMDR are clear and not dissimilar to those experienced by Havening, Tapping, Hypnotherapy & NLP clients.

  • PTSD is confidently treated with many studies to back EMDR as the main treatment. 
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    EMDR can be used in conjunction with other psychosensory and hypnotherapy techniques.
  • Eye Movement is also used in Havening to elicit brain changes and swifter recovery from trauma.
  • EMDR protocols require you to break up the memory recall thus limiting the discomfort.
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    Traumatic memories are worked through until the remaining anxiety is dissolved.
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    Continued research reveals the technique is effective in other mood disorders, stress and limiting beliefs.
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    Once learned, there are strands of use you can take away as a practical self help tool.
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    EMDR is classed as a 'rapid change technique'.

Rapid Therapy Technique

Live Again & Learn To Relax!
At Enhanced Life Practice, EMDR is used in conjunction with other proven techniques to help you enhance life on your terms!  Leah Butler-Smith is our advanced trained therapist.

EMDR Wins Over CBT 

CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, a popular treatment for depression and anxiety, is shown to be greatly inferior to EMDR (and other modern therapies such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, Tapping etc).

CBT requires the client effectively practice at being different and thus a great deal of personal motivation is needed.

Of course there's a great deal of mindfulness training, and reframing involved in CBT as a treatment but EMDR is far more effective and does not require the ongoing concentration of the client.

At Enhanced Life Practice, we are trained in CBT and Psychotherapy as part of our base training, but believe with confidence that psychosensory techniques are far more effective.


francine Shapiro Cured Herself First with EMDR

Back in 1987 Francine made an accidental discovery.

Whilst walking she realised her own memory recall of a traumatic event, did not trigger the usual high anxiety and upon investigation, she noted her eye movemenst played a part.  

What followed was a deep investigation and study into the elements that triggered her 'memory recoding' and the birth of a brand new therapy.

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