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You can Call Now for a free consultation +44 07512 048 067.  Ask me anything.  You can discuss the problem, the treatment options, the techniques, ask about my experience or anything else.  Alternatively you can email me booking@enhancedlifepractice . com or use Facebook Message at this page:  https://www.facebook.com/enhancedlife.org/ 

Easy Booking

Once you've decided to go ahead and book your first session, you'll receive a link to the online calendar.  You can then choose a suitable time in your own timezone. 

Subsequent sessions can either be booked at your preferred time slot (ask Leah) or ad hoc using the same calendar.

Working in Comfort

Since the addition of Zoom to the online webmeeting world, my expanding practice extends across the globe.  It made sense to move all sessions to the online space.   I now work with all my clients using the Private Room setting.

The label is not the problem.  It's just a guide.  When we know the direction we need to go ~ the rest is easy!

I offer sessions for all ages.


Young people can find life traumatic sometimes.  From bullying to confidence boosting ~ I've worked with it all.  Parents are involved with any under 18 sessions.


Teenagers suffer anxiety about a variety of issues.  From eating disorders to control issues, bullying or exam stress.  I'm here to help.  Initial sessions involve parent & teen to establish confidence.


The majority of my clients are over 18.  In fact the most common age group is between 30-60.  We work to dissolve trauma, fears and phobias.  We also work on Life Enhancements in every way!

Start Enhancing Your Life Today!

How the sessions are structured...

Our first session involves enquiry.  (Unless you have a very specific purpose for the work). Here we get to become curious about what you want your life to look, sound, feel and 'be' like.  In that we then explore what's happening now and why you believe it needs to change. Subsequent sessions enable us to dive into specific beliefs, behaviours and experiences that have become encoded in the neurons of your brain.  

Irritable-bowel-syndrome hypnotherapy

Why enhanced life sessions are the best ...

  • 1
    Comfortable environment in your own home/ office.
  • 2
    20+ years of experience
  • 3
    One on one therapy and practical coaching to take away!
  • 4
    Your Practitioner with multiple skills & qualifications.

Hi, I’m...Leah Butler-Smith

From the very beginning of my training in behaviour change, life enhancement & positive living ~ I knew this was my life's work.  I gain so much from every encounter, every memory we uncover and each knew direction you take.  Witnessing countless people change their lives is one of the most genuinely empowering experiences I've ever had.

"Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.” ―Brian Tracy

They say

When not drinking left me with depression & a general feeling of loss - Leah came to the rescue and helped me turn my whole life around.  I don't even recognise the person I was.  I now have amazing relationships with my daughter and a new partner, focus on fitness and have never felt happier!

Sober Yorkshireman
Blogger & AF Supporter


A lifelong terrifying fear of dogs finally collapsed!  I had tried it all!  Hypnosis, EMDR, Tapping - nothing worked. Then Leah stepped in and not only has she turned me into a dog lover (I still cannot believe that!), she's helped me with so much more!

Shari Teigman

Entrepreneur.  Speaker.  Mindset Coach.

Current Session Prices



1 Off Session

Duration per session: 55 min



2 Hour Intensive

Duration : 110 min

*3+ Session Rate


3 Sessions or More

Duration per session: 55 min

* Shows the price payable per session when you book 3 sessions or more.  You do not have to be book all three sessions immediately.  This rate reflects your intention for your sessions.

Prices are subject to change.  This is the current offer for session prices.  All sessions payments become due 24 hours prior to the scheduled event.  A deposit of £50 secures the session & is non refundable in the event of cancellation.

Please remember to inform Leah of the Invoice text eg. you can opt to list your sessions as OPD, Stress Management or NLP Coaching - all of which are usually deductible as expenses. (check with your financial adviser)

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