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Addictions Hypnotherapy with NLP In London & Online

Addictions Hypnotherapy when combined with NLP, EMDR and TFT (EFT) has been my most effective multi skilled approach for over 20 years..

Addictions affect nearly every family in the country and beyond.  There are many schools of thought and support networks to help sufferers and their families deal with addiction.

At Enhanced Life Practice, I've worked with many individuals dealing with addiction and the recovery of them and they approach me for a variety of reasons.

Some clients are already in or have been through, recovery programs.  They see me for continued support on a personal level having identified traumas and deep rooted concerns that they recognise lead to the addiction.

Some clients approach me for specific treatment in recovering from their addiction.

Clearly some addictions require medical support to detox but even then, the mind is the key to success.

Addictions can lead to isolation, loneliness & devastation of health & wellbeing.

You are not alone


What is an addiction?

People are often unsure of the definition of addiction versus 'habits'.  Here's a few questions to ask yourself ...

  • does the behaviour you are compelled by, affect you, your work or your family negatively?
  • do you feel you have full control of the behaviour or feel it is now controlling you?
  • does the idea of not having access to the object or behaviour lead to anxiety?
  • have you tried to avoid the object or behaviour before?
  • have others commented with concern about your activities?

There are many addictive behaviours and substances that I've helped people overcome.  Here's a list of some of those:

  • alcohol addiction
  • cocaine addiction
  • cannabis addiction
  • chocolate addiction
  • food addiction
  • gambling addiction
  • sugar addiction
  • shopping addiction
  • internet addiction
  • social media addiction
  • porn addiction
  • sex addiction
  • video game addiction
  • smart phone addiction
  • My job isn't really about discovering whether you are addicted or not but rather ascertaining what the behaviour is doing for you, to you and your life, how much improved your life will be without the behaviour.  Importantly the first question to ask is about what you truly want?

    Recovery is about regaining control of you, your mind, your behaviours & building a future that compels you.

    Recovery from Addiction.  What do you want?

    Whilst families, friends, work colleagues and even our pets can be adversely affected by addictive behaviours, the important person in this - is you.

    You can be motivated to improve your life because of the people in your life that you care about, but ultimately you are the one doing the work to change it for the better.

    One thing I suggest you do right now - is ask yourself if there are people you know either personally or from a distance, who don't have the addiction and are living an enhanced life?

    Your mind will release the need more easily when the perception that your life can and will be better, is apparent.

    Multi skill approach is most effective for recovery from addiction

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    Who is affected by Addictions?

    In a nutshell - everyone.

    An addiction tends to control you and your decisions in life will often wrap around the behaviour.  Some addictions lead to major behaviour changes especially when substances are introduced.  In this case problems can arise such as;

    • lateness at work, absences & complacency over your effectiveness
    • relationships with family breaking down
    • children feeling insecure around the incongruence in your behaviour
    • feeling that life is outside your control
    • depression and anxiety (or paranoia)
    • compulsive lying
    • angry outbursts
    • being out of control
    • ill health and eventually disease

    How I work with Addictions

    At Enhanced Life Practice - I've learned from many hours of clinical experience aswell as specific training in addiction and ongoing study into the physiological and psychological causes and cures.

    The addiction is firing off because your body/brain desires the dopamine hit.  It only needs to have enjoyed that 'hit' in combination with that 'behaviour' once.  The brain encodes that and fires of the trigger whenever there is a 'need'.

    The need can be a desire to feel happy, or the desire to eliminate pain.  The desire to move away from pain is often strongest.

    There is much evidence to show that addictions (especially substances) are brought on by a desire to 'escape' a painful emotion.  There being pain often caused by historical trauma.

    You don't have to be suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) to have experienced a trauma in your life. 

    So whilst in our practice, we will be looking at the behaviour, the beliefs you have around the behaviour and the perceived benefits - we also will explore any traumas and deal with those to ensure that the future confidence in avoiding the behaviour continues.

    EMDR is a powerfully simple technique, used by the military and within Psychiatry to treat trauma effectively.

    Hypnotherapy works well by allowing the mind to bypass the critical function and go directly to the unconscious (source of behaviour, belief, attitude, mindset and meaning you give to life).

    Hypnotherapy, Mediation and Mindfulness, are all practices recommended by the medical profession (NHS) for relaxation, reducing stress and developing happiness in the mind without a reliance on the addictive behaviour.

    TFT, EFT & Havening are all techniques showing great success in helping sufferer overcome addiction.

    Overcome addiction & set yourself free!

    Addiction Hypnotherapy & NLP Benefits

    • Reducing anxiety that could lead to a compulsive act
    • Reducing stress that leads to the desire for the dopamine hit
    • Learning how your brain/ mind works and how to manage your state effectively
    • Resolving past traumas that may underpin the addictive brain
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      Building stronger ego & developing a sense of self
    • check
      Checking in the Present, being present in the now is a path to freedom
    • check
      Overall calmness in life
    • check
      Developing self esteem and confidence
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      Assessing the potential underlying causes of addictions and dealing with those to prevent relapse
    • check
      Mindfulness & Mediation practices are included to further enhance life


    Mediation alone is shown to greatly enhance life, bring meaning to your day & help you develop a sense of connection to those around you.  That's just one of the techniques we employ!

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    Addictions Hypnotherapy Testimonial

    Karl had stopped drinking without joining a rehabilitation program.  He was satisfied he had disconnected from the behaviour but in doing so felt he'd lost a lot of what he enjoyed in life.  

    I guarantee Leah will be the answer...she was mine.

    "I was [...] suffering with depression thoughts and feelings aswell as negative beliefs about who I was and how to get my life back on track. Leah came highly recommended... I was suffering with limiting beliefs and depressive thoughts. I was surprised how quickly things started to change... I guarantee Leah with be the answer to your questions. She was mine." *

    Karl E.
    Sober Yorkshireman

    *At Enhanced Life Practice, we adhere to strict protocols and ethics.  In accordance with our value system we ask our new clients to note that outcomes of sessions cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Results are likely to vary as no two people's lives, beliefs and unconscious responses are the same.

    The testimonials seen on this site, include original photos provided by clients, snapshots of cards, well wishes, social media posts, email screenshots and royalty free images for illustration purposes only.