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20+ years experience


My full name is Leah Butler-Smith.  I began my study of what 'makes us all tick' when I hit my early twenties.  Prior to that I'd always been fascinated by people's behaviours;  the good and the not so good.  Since my training over 20 years ago, it has been my mission to discover the best programs, techniques, treatments and lifestyle changes to fully Enhance Life and then share it all with you!

Most of my clients visit this page, unless they've been referred by a friend or family member and even then - it's often a page that invites a visit.

I've had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing people.  People who I previously looked up to from afar have become my clients.  Every person I've ever met and worked with has been my teacher.   There is no greater way to learn and hone your skills than in ... doing.

I have a passion for freedom in mind and health of the body and my studies have taken me into the smallest of spaces to learn more ... including studying cells, their function and the impact of stress on the body and health. 

Enhanced Life Practice  
What's that about?

We all want to enjoy the Best Life.   We each desire success and ultimately  want to enjoy greater autonomy in all areas..
What constitutes the best life is one thing for one person and maybe something else for another.  My role is to help you enhance your life by taking into account where problems lie and seeking a route to the most effective solution - quickly and efficiently!

Every person is different ...

For the last 30 years I've been intrigued by what drives people's behaviours.  I launched the first practice over 20 years ago and since then have observed how people think, why they do the things they do and what stops them from doing, being and having more.  We look at behaviour drivers, deep rooted beliefs and choose the methods for treatment that suit the individual.

One size does not fit all ...

The most effective therapists have always preferred the individual approach.  Choosing to enhance their treatments with continued study and research.  I do not sit in the belief that there is only one method for a specific problem, nor a method that works for every person.  We are each a superb collection of neural pathways and networks which is why I include Neuroscience in my list of study.

You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.” -   Marcus Aurelius


My Introduction to The Power Of the Mind

Great Ormond Street's Psychological Medicine unit in London was my first exposure to the unconscious mind.

What I learned from the expert teams there, changed my life for ever. After spending a year with the senior team, witnessing the transformation of a young child struggling with a 'phobia of food', so powerful it lead to his self imposed starvation: my curiosity and fascination with what drives behaviour (including the most damaging types) was born.

Understanding that we have a conscious mind capable of critically evaluating situations and acting accordingly, yet our unconscious mind can be triggered and dismantle every good intention without considering the long term effects...- every behaviour, good or bad is governed by a POSITIVE intention!


How I Came To Study The Mind

Prior to my training in Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psychotherapy, I'd studied in Accountancy.  I loved the analytical accounting side but the rest of the work ... was not for me.

I was incredibly fortunate to be offered an opportunity to leave my role with a hearty financial package.  This covered not only my expensive new training and allowed for me to take time away, to sit back and reflect on my true passions in life.  For me that's the mind and all it's amazing inner workings.

I completed my initial training in the late 90s in; Psychotherapy, Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP.

The training was just the beginning and soon my frequent visits to the library were overtaken with online studies and research. I continued to learn, attend further training and develop my skill set.  My desire to learn and know more, has never ceased and I now include Neuroscience and Functional Medicine in my list of favorite topics and forums.

What Others Say About
Leah Butler-Smith


Leah Butler-Smith.  Without your help and coping strategies I would still be in a dark place.  So Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.  

Karl E.
Happy & Sober


Leah's ability to coach is awesome, her insight is amazing and her passion is honestly - catching!

Paula A.

NLP Practitioner & Life Coach 


My time with LBS has been a journey of self-discovery, leaving me with the tools to move forward.  What she has taught me has had a huge positive impact on my life.

Mrs F. 
Once Fertility Challenged now Mother of Twins!

Continued Studying
~ Always More To Learn!

My studies have never stopped.  I'm excited to discover new techniques, new therapies and methods and I keep my ear to the ground on all proven discoveries of Mind & Body.  Here's a few more snippets about my training & experiences ~ click on whatever interests you and remember, if you have a question I'm here to help ...

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Life Is ...
Easily Enhanced

...when you know how!
Life doesn't have to be the challenge we sometimes believe it to be.  It isn't essential to 'struggle', 'keep your chin up', 'cope with it', or 'fight the good fight'.

It's possible with the right knowledge and tools to enhance life and model it so that it looks, feels and becomes the way you desire it to be.

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